UPON COMMENCEMENT OF CONSTRUCTION, we assume all the duties of a full-service building contractor. This provides the owner with a single point of contact for all construction phase activities. Because we are a multi-licensed contractor we have the ability to self perform plumbing and mechanical services. Our primary goal during the construction phase will be to complete the project on schedule, within the budget, and equal to or better than the standards of quality and performance specified by the designers.

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Our Construction Services Focus On and Include

Construction Meetings


Cost Control and Change Order Management



Quality Control

Project Management


Value Engineering


Fast & Accurate We provide fast and accurate construction budgets, and use value engineering to assist with property leasing. We offer free pre-construction consulting. If you are a tenant or want to build your own building, and want to be sure the construction costs are going to be within your budget, we can give you an estimate which you can use to determine if you can proceed now or use it to give you a guide line so that you can plan the construction in the future.

The Malle Company was founded on the philosophy of “Total Quality Management” (TQM) a practice that we feel has been jeopardized by “lowest price”. We still practice this philosophy today despite the extremely competitive industry.

We do not select subcontractors based on low price alone; we carefully review each subcontractor’s proposal and select our team based on their qualifications, experience, and those with the most responsive and complete understanding of the project at the lowest price and who have excellent customer service. 


On time and on budget Clients call The Malle Company, Inc., when they are looking to work with one company that will take the responsibility for their project from conception to completion. We resource and manage every phase of the construction project. We continuously monitor budgets and contracts, manage schedules, and select quality vendors. We work with the design team to provide you with the highest quality service and value possible.

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Ensuring quality To ensure construction and design processes are successful, people contact The Malle Company, Inc. to consult on all aspects of these processes. We review proposed projects, projects currently under construction, and existing facilities. Our consulting services include: plan reviews, cost analyses, insured value analyses, cursory reviews, and existing projects reports.


Part of our past, our present and future Tenant improvement projects hold a very special place in The Malle Company Inc.’s business. In the past, we have completed projects that range from changing a doorframe in an office suite to high end, complete and complex remodels. They all receive the same excellence, dedication, and strong attention to detail. The construction process has a large impact on existing business operation, so we manage noise, containment, and continually clean, our work spaces to allow for the least amount of interruptions and inconveniences possible, allowing you to maintain your business’s functionality. In addition, we adhere to budget concerns, schedules, and understand the complexities of readjusting your office or moving locations. We make this process seamless.


A knowledgeable ally The Malle Company Inc. offers clients the following services: cost estimating/analysis, scheduling, value engineering, and administration of contracts. For a reduced fee, you can take advantage of our expertise in management of the construction process while entering into direct contracts with the prime contractors.


Maximizing investments Simply stated, value engineering is an organized application of common sense and technical knowledge, directed at finding and eliminating unnecessary costs in a project. It’s also a major component of our daily routine. We constantly review and analyze projects, assuring they are designed in conjunction with the economy. We have reconfigured and modified economically unfeasible projects to meet budgets, while never compromising aesthetics or functionality.

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