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Civil Construction Services Jacksonville, FL


One key component of any new subdivision, multi-family site, or commercial property is civil engineering. Civil Construction is the basis of any community in Jacksonville. The Malle Company is the premier Civil Construction Firm in Jacksonville bringing new subdivisions and commercial retail plans to life. In conjunction with our civil engineers and civil contractors we have a hands on approach from start to finish.  Our team will oversee all site work including underground utilities, roadways, drainage and irrigation.  As Jacksonville’s premier commercial remodeling contractor, we provide top quality services for your new or growing business. We help you create the professional image you need to impress your customers, as well as the functionality that makes your buildings work for you and your employees. Whether you are starting up a retail store, a restaurant or a law office, we have the right experience to complete all the processes necessary to get your location up and running.

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Civil Construction Services Include:


  • Site Work
  • Underground Utilities
  • Roadways
  • Water Reservoirs and Sewer Systems
  • Site Planning
  • Budget Management
  • Evaluation and Investigation of land
  • Civil Engineering
  • Negotiated Contracts
  • Complete Project Management Services
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Sub-division Developer Jacksonville, FL


The building and planning of a subdivision can be the difference on whether a new community succeeds or fails. Our Civil Engineers have the ability to plan for the future when designing a subdivision. The development of a new subdivision requires attention to detail in all facets of Civil Construction in order to be successful.


Underground Utilities Contractor Jacksonville, FL


One of the most important parts of planning and building a new subdivision or commercial project is what you can’t see beneath the ground. The elaborate system of plumbing and sewage lines, along with electrical and communication lines if what gives life to these ideas. With proper planning and execution of the underground utilities from an experienced Civil Contractor these projects can become a reality. The Malle Company’s Civil Engineers have a proven track record of not only planning these projects but ensuring they become a finished product.

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Commercial Property Development Jacksonville, FL


Our comprehensive knowledge of the commercial construction field makes it possible for us to start the job off with the right planning and preparations. From there, we complete all the tasks needed to see your new building or remodeling project from plans to reality. We assist you with the budgeting process and follow through with sound project management services to complete the job on budget and on time. No other commercial builders in Jacksonville are as highly qualified, hard-working or motivated to help you succeed in your business venture.

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Have A Question About Site Work or a Civil Construction Project?

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