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Commercial Civil Service

When planning a new construction project, an important piece of the process is site excavation and civil services. Proper planning for site utilities including plumbing, drainage and sewage are imperative to a well-run project. The Malle company works closely with local county officials to ensure proper tie-ins and access to these site utilities. Our experience using GPS data and 3D mapping provides the most cost efficient and economical solution to getting your job running.

Once the location has been properly mapped exaction of the lot is to begin. Efficient workflow and use of machinery is crucial to proper excavation. We work a multitude of trusted contractors to ensure everything from clearing the land and bringing in dirt, to the installation of water, sewer, fire and storm lines are properly connected.  

Civil Services Include:

  • Surveys
  • Site Preparation and Site Work
  • Site Drainage Systems
  • Duct Bank
  • Conduits and Cables
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Grading and Paving
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Secondary Civil Services:

  • Road Crossing
  • Access Roads
  • Underground Utilities
  • Certified Welding
  • Sub-station Setup
  • Demolition
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Sewer & Storm Services

  • Sewer Replacement & Pipe Bursting
  • New. Repair, Upgrade Storm Mains and Lateral Lines
  • Storm Filter Inlets & Manholes
  • Water Mains, Service Lines, Fire Lines and Fire Hydrants
  • Water Distribution and Metering
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