The Benefits of using a certified building contractor in jacksonville fl

The Benefits of Using a Certified Building Contractor

The Benefits of Using a Certified Building Contractor

Commercial construction is an important undertaking for any business. Building a new store, warehouse or restaurant is a major financial investment, too. Risk is involved with any major change, and a commercial remodeling contractor without the proper certification can damage your business significantly or even make it fail completely. Hiring a certified building contractor is your best protection and offers many distinct advantages.

You Know They’re Competent

To be certified in Florida, remodeling contractors in Jacksonville must show their proficiency as builders. They have to prove their competency to the governing board to get their general contractors license, and this isn’t an easy task. They must show their knowledge and experience in concrete, quantifiable ways.

You’re Protected Against Claims for Workers’ Injuries

Certified contractors are required to follow state law in regard to their employees. A part of this requirement is providing workman’s comp insurance. How does that affect you? It’s simple. If your contractor’s workers aren’t protected and get injured, you are the one who ends up paying for their injury.

Your Property Is Financially Protected from Damage

According to Florida law, certified building contractors and commercial remodeling contractors are financially liable for any damage they do to your property. Imagine hiring an inexperienced contractor only to find they have torn apart your building during a restaurant build out and then disappear, leaving it in shambles.

You would have little recourse with an uncertified contractor. They would likely never return, and the business address you have for them might turn out to be phony. When your contractor is certified, they are well aware you can report them to the state and cause them to lose their certification if they don’t stand behind their work.

You’re Assured Your Contractor Knows and Meets Code

Contractors in the state of Florida must know the state and city codes they are working with while building or remodeling your business. If they aren’t qualified in specialties like plumbing and electrical, they are required to hire a subcontractor who is. These rules are strictly enforced, and contractors who fail to follow them are subject to revocation of their certification.

For all these reasons, it only makes sense to use a certified building contractor or remodeling contractors in Jacksonville. So, pay attention when you are making a deal with a contractor and demand to see proof of their certification. You are going to be so much happier with the results if you do.