THE MALLE COMPANY has a long established and solid reputation in Jacksonville FL, serving as a fully licensed and insured commercial building contractor. We’ve built our company on a firm foundation of client driven values. We provide the best customer service in the construction industry.

Developing relationships is a priority at The Malle Company Inc. 

LEASING/REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS Building relationships with Leasing and Real Estate Professionals gives us a better opportunity to negotiate contracts and find the best property for your project.

PROPERTY MANAGERS We build relationships with your team members (architects, building engineers, tenants) that are affiliated with all your buildings. This provides us all with better communication and an excellent comfort level.

HOME OWNERS We work with you the home owner, to ensure your wants and needs are met. Understanding the client is crucial when completing a project.

TENANTS We take special pride in the ability to meet the needs of tenants. We work with you, design teams and the business owners to ensure your space is well constructed in a timely manner, meeting all requirements.

VENDORS/SUBCONTRACTORS We regularly and fairly bid work out to multiple vendors, bringing you in as part of our family, in the hopes that you and all of your employees will have a comfortable and positive work experience.

ARCHITECTS We use our wide variety of connections to best match clients with an architect that specializes in the type of project they are planning. We work hand in hand with the architects to continually improve designs and create a stunning final product.