how to choose the right commercial builder

Commercial Builders Jacksonville, FL – How to Choose the Right One

Commercial Builders Jacksonville, FL – How to Choose the Right One

Choosing commercial builders in Jacksonville can be a difficult task. Every contractor wants to sell their services to you, and unscrupulous ones will do just about anything to get you to sign the dotted line. We at the Malle Company want your business, too. The difference is that we have what it takes to do extremely high quality work for you, and get it in on budget and on schedule. As you prepare to choose your commercial construction Jacksonville contractors, consider the following questions before making your decision.

Is the Contractor Experienced?

Nearly every retail construction contractor in Jacksonville is going to tell you they are experienced. They know it will impress you, so they lie if they feel the need. You need to have verifiable proof that the contractor has the experience they say they do. Insist on getting names of past clients. Then, rather than getting the contact information from the commercial remodeling contractor, look up the contact information on your own. This prevents a shady contractor from sending you to an imposter or a fake email account. When you reach the past client, ask as many questions as you need to make your decision.

Does the Contractor Communicate Well?

Here’s an idea: to find out how well a commercial remodeling contractor communicates, give them an impromptu test. Tell them an idea you have about how you want to design your building. Ask them to repeat back what you just said. If they get it completely wrong, you know you’re talking to someone who isn’t fully engaged in the business transaction. If they go off on a tangent and don’t speak to the issue you raised, you know that they’re more interested in doing things their own way than paying attention to your ideas and requirements. At Malle, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate through speech, email, text and letters exactly what you need to know and what we are doing to help you achieve your goals. We are problem-solvers and skilled communicators.

What Kind of Job Is the Contractor’s Specialty?

Any contractor, whether reputable or fly-by-night, is going to say yes if you ask them about doing a specific kind of job. Avoid this situation by asking them about their building specialties before you tell them what services you need. If they say they specialize in restaurant build-out or are a retail build-out contractor, you know that is what they put first in their business. If they don’t mention it at all, chances are it isn’t very important to them. When you ask Malle about the types of projects we do most, you’ll find out about our intense focus on commercial construction in Jacksonville. All the projects we do for our clients fit into this category, although they might be large or smaller jobs. We are your number one retail construction contractor in Jacksonville, and we do build-out, and remodeling for businesses along with new construction. We are not afraid to tell you about our focus on commercial building. This is who we are. This is what we do.

Does the Contractor Make Unrealistic Promises?

Contractors who are experienced and reputable might make you special offers, especially if you are a new client. However, you need to be on the lookout for contractors who make promises they simply can’t deliver. You can’t possibly identify every scam immediately, but if you use your common sense, you can see very quickly some of the most common unrealistic promises. For example, if a contractor offers you an unbelievably large discount without giving you any indication of the cost of your job, they are probably being dishonest about the discount. If they were being truthful, they would need to know the extent of the work to be done before offering you a large dollar amount. At Malle, we stand behind our word. We give you great value for the money you put into your project. When we make promises, you can be sure that we will follow through every time. Our record proves it, and our past clients will attest to it.